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Not Just Another Pet Show

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All Paws Pet Talk TV is now Smart Pet Talk

APPT TV has a vision, and that vision is to create a platform that provides informative, educational, and entertaining content that will engage Pet Owners/Guardians, Professionals & Paraprofessionals.

Not Just another Pet Show

  • Alternative-Integrative-Organic-Green-Clean Pet Health-Education.
  • Information, Options and Hope
  • East Meets West

We want to be a part of the change, securing the future of healthcare for our animal companions.

2020 changed the Pet Industry

Pet Guardians, Pet Professionals & Paraprofessionals are moving fast forward & have gained momentum in seeking education including Natural/Organic/Alternative/Integrative/Sustainable approaches for their animal companion’s health and well-being.

All Paws Pet Talk TV with its lively, educational, interactive, engaging shows will provide exactly this information.

Opening the door to options and alternatives

It is fresh, it is new, and it is relevant.

In today’s climate we want to make a difference

All Paws Pet Talk TV will be the first show of its kind in the “companion animal” world.


Featuring the most renowned sought-after experts in the pet industry and industry leaders.

Legendary professionals and guest that have already created change.

Interview segments from our outside reporters to open our eyes to worthy causes, organizations, foundations and how to get involved. 

Shows that will have a range of specialty experts, even celebrities to stimulate the viewers.

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All Paws Pet Talk TV’s audience is engaged as they share our passion with our amazing host and lovely guest each show.

Join us! 

We are here for you with the goal of creating the “best life possible for the animals.”

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Host and Experts

All Paws Pet Talk TV has assembled the most respected, professional team of animal experts in the country to provide pet information, stay up to date on current events and offer comprehensive, easy-to-implement advice. 

All Paws Pet Talk TV caters to all proud pet guardians of dogs, cats, or horses.


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Listen in for unscripted, genuine pet talk including the elements of surprise. 

We feature renowned experts in the pet industry and industry leaders who interact, share opinions and their perspectives leading to controversy, laughter, and even tears to keep you engaged.

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Our hosts are animal industry professionals, covering various specialty topics and giving head to toe health and wellness advice. 

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